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Inspect your feet daily, particularly between the toes, for blisters, cuts, and scratches. Use a mirror to examine the bottom of the feet or have a family member inspect your feet for you. Wash the feet daily with soap and water. Water should not be warmer than 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Use a bath thermometer. Dry thoroughly,  especially between toes, using pressure rather than any vigorous rubbing.

When dry, rub well with skin softener to keep the skin soft, supple and free from scales and dryness. However keep the area between the toes dry.

Relative to "Corns" and "Calluses":

    a) Do not use sharp objects to "trim them down".

    b) Do not use commercial acid preparations that can damage your tissue.

    c) Visit your podiatrist at regular intervals to manage your corns.

    d) Inform anyone providing care to your feet that you are diabetic.

Aids to improve circulation:

    a) Mild exercise for the feet.

    b) Massage gently with skin softener, keeping area between toes dry.

    c) Do not wear garters or socks with tight elastic.

    d) Never sit with your knees crossed for any length of time.

Treatment of Abrasions:

    a) Consult a podiatrist or your family physician immediately.

    b) Avoid using the foot on the affected area as much as possible.

    c) Consult your podiatrist or family physician for any redness, pain, swelling, or other evidence of inflammation.

Never walk barefoot, ALWAYS wear shoes with socks or good slippers for foot protection. If your feet are cold at night, wear socks. Avoid hot water bottles and heating pads to the feet as this can be damaging to the tissue. DO NOT SMOKE!!!! It is harmful to your circulation.